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תן לי את מליון "שמאלני" ו"חילוני" הארץ, אנחנו פה נדע מה לעשות איתם יותר טוב, אתם תשארו כל החבר'ה ה"הארד קור" מהסיירת וכו' ותסדרו לבד.

I'm conscious that there's a very long-functioning dispute concerning Israeli copyright during which you seem like included. The dispute seems to be scattered more than dozens of webpages and Therefore an uninvolved person simply cannot readily adhere to it.

ליהודים בצרפת למשל יותר קל להגר למקום אחר בעולם כי אין להם בד"כ שורשים כאן, אבל ישראלי שנולד כאן זה יותר בעיתי להגר.

Take note that any unsourced and untagged visuals will be deleted just one week when they have already been uploaded, as explained on conditions for quick deletion. In case you have uploaded other media, make sure you check that you have specified their resource and copyright tagged them, much too.

This image shows Vienna (=Wien) not Nuremberg. (precisely the same image /more substantial and with headline as well as Tale) It cannot be Nuremberg, because from 1499 to 1850 it was not allowed there for Jewish men and women to be a citizen.

Thanks for uploading Picture:Weizman_KD.JPG. I observe the picture page at the moment doesn't specify who designed the content, And so the copyright status is unclear. When you've got not developed this media yourself then you should argue that Now we have the correct to use the media on Wikimedia Commons (see copyright tagging under).

לצפיה ב-'אני חושב שאתה מחפש לריב עם המשפט המתנשא האחרון'

תסובבו את זה איך שאתם רוצים, זה פשוט לא קורה במרבית המקומות בישראל. 

אני באמת אוהב את רוב הישראלים, בטח מה שנקרא "מלח הארץ" ופחות אכפת לי מהקונספט של "מדינה" בין אם זה ישראל אוסטרליה ארה"ב או כל מדינה אחרת.

נחש מה, גם הלימודים באוסטרליה מסובסדים, ואפילו יותר מישראל, והאונ' האוסטרליות ממקומות במיקום גבוה יותר מאשר זו הישראלית.

יש המון מה לעשות בערי אוסטרליה בקטע של בילויים , תרבות וכו'. 

Thanks for your personal e-mail regarding this. I'm sorry though which i'm not inclined to undelete this. I would hope by since you should recognise that deletion discussions are never basically votes so the number of votes isn't the only selecting issue. Remaining completely exhibited within a general public spot was just one problem. The opposite relates to what artwork works are permitted beneath the exemption. The argument offered that paintings would be permitted because of the exemption isn't convincing, specifically in gentle of Presenti remarks, made immediately after almost all of that deletion dialogue, that "a creative operate produced for artistc intent is certainly not used art ( e.

all of these images are of objects which can be hung in general public places. Each of the UN pics are Formal UN pictures which had been turned into carpets (So the picture is from the carpet instead of the original picture)and it, in by itself, is hung in a very general public region - the enterance into the UN constructing. Deror avi 09:eighteen, 6 February 2007 (UTC)

That is User:Zobango, just wanting to say Hello. I dislike to bother you, with all your legislation obligations and stuff, just wanted to know the way youre executing P.S I realize I talk to you this on get more info a regular basis, but any news pn the translations

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